You open the door, everybody looks at you. You enter the room, everybody freezes. You haven't said a word, but everybody recognises You...

ALEXANDER PAVLOV - Expression without words...

The label ALEXANDER PAVLOV was founded in February 1996 by a Latvian elite fashion designer Alexander Pavlov.

Alexander made his firs fashion garment when he was only 13. It was a winter coat for his sister. Realized his calling already in young age, Alexander followed his fashion path. Now he is recognized as part of the elite of Latvian fashion designers.

Through years Alexander has developed a unique sense of detail, fabric and geometry of the garment. Embroideries and special hand-made niceties sign the dresses.

Every year the brand creates two prêt-à-porter collections. All garments are produced from natural materials: silk, cotton, knitted fabric and wool. Details of coats, accessories and shoes are made from leather. 

Each item made by ALEXANDER PAVLOV pleases with attention to detail, high quality and a sensual feeling of fashion and beauty.